Huber is a technology leader for high precision and responsive temperature control solutions for research and industry. Our expansive product line offers solutions for all temperature applications ranging from -125 °C to +425 °C. The product range includes highly dynamic temperature control systems with cooling capacities of up to 250 kW as well as chillers and heating/cooling circulators for applications in the production of CBD and THC extraction products.

Huber has pioneered the technological development in the field of fluid temperature control with several innova­tive products. A revolution in temperature control technology was the introduction of the Unistat temperature control systems in 1989. 30 years later, Unistats still set the pace when it comes to highly dynamic temperature control processes.

Cooling & Heating Bath Circulators

Cooling & Heating Bath Circulators

Classic bath and circulation thermostats with an open bath for many heating and cooling applications. There are more than 70 models in the series, available with Pilot ONE or KISS controller.

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Heating Circulation Thermostat - Chili

Chili – Powerful Heating Circulation Thermostat

Chili is the latest heating circulator for closed systems in the Unistat product family. The powerful unit guarantees highly accurate, reproducible temperature control results with short heat-up times and wide temperature ranges without fluid change. The closed circuit prevents oil vapors and oxidation, which increases the service life of the thermofluid. Chili is the smallest heating thermostat suitable for Malotherm. Perfect for Thin / Wiped Film Evaporator and the efficient production of CBD and THC extraction products.

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Ministats – smallest Heating and Cooling Bath Circulators

Ministats are the smallest cooling circulators in the world and permit operation in small spaces, for example in a fume hood or within a short path distillation plant. The devices have a wide range of features and are ideally suited for the temperature control of botanical distillation.

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Powerful Cooling Bath Circulators

Cooling bath circulators are equipped with insulated baths made from high-grade stainless steel and offer low working temperatures down to -90°C up to +200°C. The devices are ideally suited for integration into extraction.

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Unistats – Dynamic Temperature Control

Unistats are ideal for rapid and very precise temperature control of externally connected applications. There are more than 60 models available, with cooling capacities from 0,7 to 130 kW.

See how: Unistats can be used for direct operation with heat exchanger.

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Minichiller & Unichiller

Minichiller and Unichiller offer environmentally friendly and economic cooling solutions. The circulating chillers offer better efficiencies than cooling water as well as stable pressure and flow rates and a constant operating temperature. They are suitable for a wide range of applications such as removing heat from chemical processes or cooling scientific equipment.

See how: Minichiller can be used for Distillation of CBD and THC production tasks.

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CS Chiller

CS Chillers

The CS chiller range offers air-cooled models in different performance classes up to
30 kW. They expand the chiller range with compact and highly affordable recirculating coolers. They combine cool and smart technology in one unit. These chillers further reduce water consumption and lower the operating costs for many applications.

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Immersion Cooler

TC – Immersion coolers

Immersion coolers are a flexible solution for the fast cooling of liquids and for counter-cooling of heating circulator. All models either with spiral or flexible immersion cooling probe made of stainless steel.

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