About Huber

Huber is the technology leader for high precision and responsive temperature control solutions for research and industry. Our expansive product line offers solutions for all temperature applications ranging from -125 °C to +425 °C. The product range includes highly dynamic temperature control systems with cooling capacities of up to 250 kW as well as chillers and heating/cooling circulators for applications in R&D laboratories, pilot plants, and production facilities.

Huber has pioneered the technological development in the field of fluid temperature control with several innova­tive products. A revolution in temperature control technology was the introduction of the Unistat temperature control systems in 1989. 30 years later, Unistats still set the pace when it comes to highly dynamic temperature control processes.

Huber as a manufacturer of temperature control for cannabis extraction and cannabis distillation

The area of cannabis extraction and cannabis distillation offers a large number of applications for our temperature control machines. Even though this field is a new market for Huber its potential increases everyday. Thus, it is fascinating to see all the activities and possibilities in this now more and more legalized markets for Cannabis based products. Typical areas of application are extraction, distillation and recovery processes. 


Advantages of Huber products for cannabis extraction and distillation:

  • Responsive thermodynamics for fast control behaviour for chemical processes.
  • Extremely fast heating and cooling rate due to small internal volumes.
  • Process stability, predictable and reproducible results at any time for solid research and production.
  • Intelligent TAC function continually monitors performance for optimum control.
  • Wide range of models with covering different temperature ranges with varying cooling/heating capacities.
  • Broad working temperature ranges without liquid change and working life of the HTF.
  • Data communication standards and data recording. Interfaces: e.g. Profibus, Modbus, TCP, Ethernet, OPC-UA, RS232, RS485, USB, Analogue.

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